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The Adventures in Manifesting series is designed to be a source of ongoing enjoyable reading offering real life stories of people on a wondrous journey of self-discovery with insight, wisdom and inspiration. Everyone will connect with one or more of the experiences shared in this book.

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Authored by individuals from all walks of life and transcending all possible limitations, it shares wisdom, insight and teachings of how to achieve your greatest desires. You may well find a personal connection within each story that prompts you to ask yourself, what here resonates with me? What inspired action am I being guided to take?

What can I learn from this now? Marilyn Joyce and Andreas Moritz plus many more, these heartwarming manifestation stories will reveal to you the secret to health and happiness and provide guidance for your own journey. Do you want the best of self-help and learn the law of attraction that goes beyond your everyday positive thinking and motivational stories?

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If yes, then Adventures in Manifesting is the series for you. The journeys shared within this book are from both the masters as well as people just like you who have applied and practiced age old success principles and manifesting secrets. Through authentic examples of how to create a life you love, this book will inspire you to turn your dreams to reality filled with health and happiness. The Adventures in Manifesting Online Hub:.

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Adventures in Manifesting: Healing from Within

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‘Healing From Within’ books have arrived!!! | Nicole Rigato

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She talks about childhood hurts, adolescent angst and adult anguish that together fueled a very real disease that she ultimately discovered was rooted in an emotional injury. That she had the courage to step out of the medical box, after enduring 18 painful surgeries and a disheartening diagnosis of incurable by a legion of doctors, is admirable. But that she conquered her disease by embracing alternative healing modalities and renewed spiritual faith is truly miraculous.